Unleash capacity

"Hjellnes Consult AS had a very positive experience with Anne Eggen-Johansen and Elin Tufte Johansen in a leadership development programme that was customised for our coaching leadership managers. We worked together to customise the programme to our situation. The programme comprised of four whole-day sessions spread over six months, with training ongoing between the sessions. They placed a strong emphasis on interaction in order to get people involved, create confidence and at the same time challenge a management group. They are very professional and are good at incorporating practical exercises and relevant cases into the training. This facilitates learning and makes it easier to use the techniques in practice. With their strong commitment, as well as their willingness and ability to look and listen, working with Anne and Elin is a stimulating experience."

Roar Smelhus, Building and Property Director • Hanne H. Skattum, HR Direktør.


"As a course leader in several of the Norwegian Business School´s programs in Leadership and Coaching, Anne has for many years engaged and inspired our course participants. In their feedback they report that Anne is an alive, challenging and knowledgeable leader. She is an accountable and responsible course leader and she herself is also continuously learning and development."

Morten Emil Berg
Assistant Professor, Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour


"Anne Eggen-Johansen has delivered tailor-made leadership development programs to the ISS for a number of years. For us, she is a particularly valuable partner and advisor. Anne is an excellent facilitator who is able to create an open and safe learning environment, where the participants dare to challenge themselves and each other. She combines this with being highly targeted, and utilizing varied tools and exercises that contribute to lasting learning among our leaders. Participant satisfaction is at an extremely high level, which is not least due to Anne's constant will and ability to make continuous improvements in close dialogue with us."

Erik Simensen, HR Manager, People and Culture


"Anne Eggen-Johansen has been my mentor coach. Through our coaching sessions, she has challenged me professionally and personally and motivated me to take challenges that I might not have taken without our conversations. "

Kristin Løvenskiold